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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Have any of you seen the T-shirt that some wetbacks are wearing with a little pepper-belly holding the mexican flag with one hand and flipping the bird with the other, the caption is ¡Hey, América! ? I'll try and find a picture to post here.

I saw it at the store today on the back of one of these scum-sucking invaders. I scared the hell out of the wife when I started talking to him in my ice tone. I told him: Hijo de puta, luché para este país. ¡Tienes muchos del nervio de mierda con esta camisa en tu parte posteriora asquerosa AQUÍ! ¡Debo cortarla de ti!

Son of a whore, I fought for this country. You’ve got a lot of nerve wearing this shirt on your filthy ass HERE! I should cut it off you! That’s as well as I can translate this, its been many years since spanish class. I’m so fucking sick of this empty-headed garbage. I’m being driven closer and closer to the edge daily and when I go over it, its not going to be pretty.

We need to push these foul assholes back across the border, tell them to stay there and if they don’t build the wall from their bones. It is time for us to be shed of any politician or moonbat who doesn’t think America should protect herself.

I’m all for freedom, Hell, I’ve killed for it several times and went through weeks of hell at the hands of paleo-swineians for it, but these idiotarians are killing our countrry. They are killing our very way of life and the leftards seem to be either too stupid or too cowardly to see it.

Lets throw out the RINOs, and DhimmicRATs in the next election and vote in CONSERVATIVES, who will stand for the values and culture of America. If they don’t, then I don’t give a damn who says they are conservative, they aren’t.

Are the RINOs and DhimmicRATs actually TRYING to bring about a revolution in our country? That seems to be what they are doing with leaving our borders as leaky as a sieve.

I’m ashamed of the government of the country I love.


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