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Friday, February 16, 2007

Should we worry about a Bosnian Muslim massacring people in Trolley Square?

Mary Mostert February 15, 2007

On Monday, the day the mass murderer Sulejman Talovic gunned down nine unsuspecting shoppers in Trolley Square Mall in Salt Lake City, Utah, five of whom died instantly, every report was calling it a "massacre." Salt Lake City Police Detective Robin Snyder observed: "We're just trying to figure out where it started and why this happened. There was one shooter. We have no indication that anyone else was involved in this. That shooter is dead." Eyewitnesses described the gunman as "white, in his 20s, about 6 feet tall, with brown hair." The New York Post headlines screamed "UTAH MADMAN GUNS DOWN FIVE."

The following day, Sulejeman Talovic, 18, who came to Utah in 1998 as a Muslim Refugee from Bosnia with his parents was identified the murderer. As soon as it was discovered that the murderer was not a "Utah Madman" but was, in fact, a Muslim from Bosnia, the word "massacre" was dropped from every headline. By Wednesday we were being urged to feel sorry for Suljeman Tavolvic because, according to the Associated Press report, his Bosnian friend Murat Avdic was "convinced the war in Talovic's homeland somehow contributed to the Utah rampage, especially the 1995 slaughter of 8,000 Muslim men and boys by Serb forces in the northeastern enclave of Srebrenica." Sulejman had been in Srebrenica about two years before the massacre occurred, Avdic said.

On Wednesday the Associated Press reported, worldwide, "Little new information was released by police regarding what may have prompted Talovic to go on his shooting rampage. 'There is still no known motive,' said Salt Lake City police detective Robin Snyder. Snyder said nothing had been completely ruled in or out yet as a motive. Addressing concerns from some in the public that Talovic's Muslim beliefs may have played a role, she said there was still no evidence pointing either way as to whether that was the case.

The AP also reported that FBI agent Patrick Kiernan in Salt Lake City said the bureau had "no reason to believe Sulejman Talovic, who was killed by police, was motivated by religious extremism or an act of terrorism. It's just unexplainable," Kiernan said Wednesday. "He was just walking around and shooting everybody he saw."

Then CNN reported that according to Sulejman's cousin, Radzo Talovic, the young man was a "survivor of the siege that ended in the Srebrenica massacre of 8,000 Muslims in Bosnia's 1992-95 war" and that he and his family fled to Srebrenica where they during which Bosnian Serb forces besieged the enclave and Talovic's grandfather was killed by shellfire. When the Bosnian Serbs overran the town of Srebrenica in 1995, taking away and massacring some 8,000 Muslim men and boys, Talovic and his mother were evacuated by the United Nations and later reunited with his father."

That immediately made me wonder if Sulejman's father was one of the 3000 supposedly massacred Muslim men who have since VOTED in Srebrenica elections. Redzo Talovic went on to of Sulejman and his family:

"They were a good, quiet family, and I remember that he was a nice kid ...No one could have supposed that he was going to do such a thing,. Who knows what made him do that?" Redzo Talovic went on to suggest that it perhaps was caused by "childhood memories of wartime Bosnia."

The "official" story about Srebrenica, sold to the world by Bosnian Muslims, was that the Serbs out of the clear blue sky attacked the "UN safe haven city" of Srebrenica and massacred 8000 men and boys." Only, the actual body count was about 2500. A reported 3000 of the 8000 massacred Bosnian Muslims have since voted in Bosnian elections. I've been researching and writing about this for 10 years. It seems that the "unarmed" men in Srebrenica had actually been plundering, raiding and killing Serbs in nearby villages for years prior to the supposed "Srebrenica massacre" of 1995. In fact, by 1995, more than 100 Serb villages were destroyed and about 2000 Serbian civilians were killed.

Since Americans were getting nearly all of this story at the time from CNN, and their reporter in Bosnia was Christiane Amanpour, a Muslim, they never heard that part of the story. Before I knew she was a Muslim, I got curious as to why CNN never ONCE interviewed a Serb during the Bosnia war that I started researching. In 1996 I wrote an article titled "Ethnic Cleansing under NATO's Watchful Eye in Bosnia — Where are the missing 150,000 Serbs?"

In May of 2005 I wrote an article titled: Correcting the Lies about a Great WW II Hero, about the Serb WWII general, Draza Mihailovic, who had been awarded America's Legion of Merit by President Harry Truman for saving the lives of over 500 American airmen shot down over Yugoslavia in World War II. As WWII ended, Mihailovic was executed by the Communists under Tito and the medal was never given to him or his family. It was finally given to his daughter by the Bush administration 60 years later in 2005.

Most Americans have either forgotten or never knew that the Bosnian Muslims and Albanians, and the Croatians were all ardent supporters of Adolf Hitler during WWII, while the Serbs, who were on our side, suffered more than a million deaths in the Holocaust at the hands of the Croatians (and Tito was a Croatian), Albanians and Bosnians. The Jasenovac concentration camp in Croatia killed 600,000 Serbs, Jews and Gypsies (Roma).

I received some very nasty e-mail about that article from Bosnian Muslims, some of whom personally threatened me. It is my policy to respond to e-mail comments on my articles, whether people love or hate what I say. One of the Bosnian Muslims who was really angry about that Legion of Merit was Almir Ramic, who claimed he was an employee of the United Nations in Srebrenica at the time the Serbs attacked. In an e-mail exchange with me Ramic made a statement I'd never read or heard ANYWHERE. He said the Bosnians at Srebrencia had been armed by UN personnel. We were told they were unarmed, which made the deaths a "massacre."

I posted the exchange of e-mail, and it is still posted in my archives with the title: Former UN Employee Admits UN Armed Srebrenica Muslims He said that the armed men of Srebrenica, fled from the city WITH their weapons — leaving their women and children behind. The Serbs did not harm the women and children, but did put them in trucks and sent them after their fleeing menfolk.

In July of 2005, on the 10th year anniversary of to so-called Srebrenica Massacre, Alex, a Serb reader in Belgrade provided me additional information that Americans have never been told which I posted and titled The Massacre and the Missing Bodies — Srebrenica, 10 years on.

We have just experienced here in Utah the largest mass murder in the history of our State, committed by a Bosnian Muslim who, we are told by other Bosnian Muslims, was a "good boy" and therefore we shouldn't be concerned about Bosnian Muslims in our midst or possible terrorism in our State.

Really, now? I wonder what their definition of a "bad boy" would be? Perhaps the Serbs might know.

Mary Mostert is a nationally-respected political writer. She was one of the first female political commentators to be published in a major metropolitan newspaper in the 1960s. After working in President Lyndon Johnson's failed War on Poverty programs in New York state, she became a Republican. She ran, unsuccessfully, for the New York State Senate and became campaign manager for a number of candidates. She once served as the secretary of "Positive Action NOW!"--a South African women's group that sought to reduce the hostility among South Africa's various racial, religious, and political groups.

In recent years, Mary has researched, written, and edited articles for national talk show host Michael Reagan's Information Interchange on the Internet, and for The REAGAN MONITOR, a monthly newsletter that provides in-depth information on key issues. Her book, COMING HOME - Families Can Stop the Unraveling of America," was published in 1996 by Gold Leaf Press. Mary maintains a political media site, Banner of Liberty.


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