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Monday, October 30, 2006

How to talk to a moslem, if you must (thanks Ann Coulter)

Combat Stupidity with Humiliation

By Ali Sina

A member of the forum called MaskeMuslimah sent the following:

Quote: I am not a great debater but you mentioned ''stupidity'' and ''muslim women'', well it is unfair, cuz many muslim women who covers do hold jobs &/or have their own businesses (not talking about good old Badreya here), go to universities. I do not see how can a scarf could kill our brain cells but many people assume that we, the muslim women are brainless. I usually do not bother with these comments, but you, as an ex muslim yourself, u must have known some intelligent women, right? or your comment was only to provoque? or am I totally wrong?

I do not like your site but i'll tell u why i visit it : i find it interesting and except for the insults & degradation believe it or not, i have learned a few things on the art of debating.

Okay Masked Muslimah,

So, you want to know why I ridicule Muslims.

This is a war. I want to defeat Islam. Unlike most people who don’t know their enemy, I know my enemy very well. My enemy is an ideology not a people. However, an ideology if not believed and practiced by people is harmless. The danger comes from people who follow evil ideologies. Aztecs believed in human sacrifice and butchered many people. But since no one believes or practices that ideology, their ideology is not hurting anyone. Islam is an ideology of hate and war, but unfortunately over a billion people still believe in it and practice it.

I have proven that Islam is dangerous and if not defeated it will cause another world war in which hundreds of millions could die and billions would suffer terribly. The question is how we fight Islam.

Islam is not a doctrine based on logics, commonsense or reasoning. It is based on hypes and bravado. Muslims are triumphalists. Islam is a religion of idiocy. Its followers pride themselves in their blind faith. It is a fideistic religion, where faith is valued more than rational thought. In fact rational thought is despised and blind faith is praised. This can be easily seen from the statements of al-Gazali

(1058 – 1111) who said: “Where the claims of reason come into conflict with revelation, reason must yield to revelation.” and even Jalaleddin Rumi who said.

The legs of the rationalists is made of wood

The wooden leg is draggy and it's no good.

How do you fight with people who despise reason and pride themselves in their irrational faith?

I am a rationalist. A rationalist’s biggest weapon is reason. But when our opponent mocks reason, our weapon has no effect on him. He is basically disarming us.

Let us take a look at your own self. You come to this forum and pick the nickname “Masked Muslimah”. Why? It is obviously out of bravado. Do you have any logical and rational argument in favor of women covering themselves and wearing masks? No! There isn’t any logical argument in favor of women wearing hijab, let alone wearing mask. You do that out of bravado. It is a pack mentality. With this you want to make a political statement. You want to rub it in our face that you are a Muslim and no matter how much logics we throw at you, it has no effect on you. In fact a typical reaction of Muslims after reading a few pages of this site is, “Thank you, after I read your site my faith in Islam grew”. Now think about it. How can one’s faith grow after coming to learn that the man whom he or she thinks is a prophet raped innocent women, raided civilians without warning, butchered unarmed people, massacred defenseless handcuffed prisoners of war, enslaved thousands, ransomed people for money or threatened to behead them, plundered, had sex with a child and other shameful and despicable acts? It defies logic. Doesn’t it? It is inconceivable that any rational and decent person would want to follow such a monster. Nonetheless, most Muslims, claim their faith grew after they read these things.

Has anyone proven these charges are wrong? I have a $50,000 dollar reward and the promise to remove this site should anyone prove them wrong. You can read my debates with Muslim scholars in the debates page. As it is clear, no one has proven me wrong on these charges. So why people say after coming to learn all these crimes of Muhammad their faith in him grew more? It is out of bravado. It is an act of defiance. It is a defense mechanism. They lock themselves in their shell. They say you can’t hurt us. You can do noting to us. We are going to remain Muslims no matter what. We put our fingers in our ears and sing lala lala la la and we won’t hear you. In fact since you said these things we are going to become more dedicated Muslims and wear niqab from now on. You see? Your logic has no effect on us. On contraire, it has fired back and now we are even more devout Muslims than before. Hah! You lose, we win.

How can this be explained?

Muslims gang up together, they hail each other, and act with hooliganism. In Islam brainless devotion is praised, believing blindly is lauded. Questioning and doubting, that are faculties of superior humans capable of rational thought are disdained. The arguments that they present in favor of Islam are all logical fallacies. Here is a sample:

  • Islam is the fastest growing religion.
  • Muslims procreate faster and in 50 years we take over the Europe .
  • This and that celebrity have embraced Islam, alhamdulillah.
  • The fact that Muhammad was victories over in his wars is proof of his truth.
  • And also they say blatant lies such as.
  • Quran contains numerical miracles
  • Quran contains scientific miracles
Hadith and Sira may not be true so let us close our eyes to all the crimes of Muhammad reported in these books.

Ah, but this is not true Islam.

How shall we deal with such people?

When reason has no effect on Muslims, we are completely disarmed.

Muslims are bent to take over the world through deceptive strategies. One group of them commits all sorts of crimes against humanity and the other group, says: Ah! but these are not true Muslims. Everything is just a game - a game of deception! One group quotes the Quran to cause mayhem and the other group says these are misguided. If anyone says any thing against Islam the entire Muslim world enters in a state of frenzied mass hysteria, lives are destroyed everywhere and they demand apologies from everyone.

Islam is based on stupidity, not on reason. It is psychopathology. Muhammad was a psychopath. We have a billion people emulating a psychopath. How shall we deal with these people?

Leaving them alone is not an option. Islam is evil and as Edmund Burke said, “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing." We can’t let Muslims destroy our world. We must stop them.

There are a couple of ways to do that. One is through logical arguments. In this site we have done our best to prove Islam is false with logics. However, as I said, Muslims deride logics.

The other alternative is to kill them preemptively. Killing a billion people does not sound very good. They are brainless idiots, but nonetheless you don’t kill even idiots. Of course if an insane man starts shooting at innocent people at random, we have no other option but to take him down. This might actually happen. It is very likely that Muslims take hold of nuclear bombs, detonate it in a few Western countries kill hundreds of millions of innocent people, and in a quick response the entire Muslim world go up in flames and all the Muslims in the West become slaughtered like chicken. This is the real scenario. This is the scenario that actually will happen by default unless we mange to change the course of history. Don't be fooled by the smiles of the foolish Westerner who now protect you and your right to practice your devilish cult. Once this fight becomes the fight of survival, these very brain damaged politically correct "nice guys" will slit your throat. There is an animal dormant within each one of us. Don't wake up that animal.

This is a very bleak future. This is where mankind is heading. Only Muslims are responsible for that – not anyone else. We are dealing with a billion zombies. There is no rationality, there is no commonsense. It is stupidity over stupidity. The more stupid you are the better Muslim you are. The allegedly “good” Muslims are the liars, the deniers, the hypocrites. These hypocrites wear a mask of moderation and claim Islam is a religion of peace. “Oh brother you don’t know Islam, Islam means peace. You must find the original Quran that the Saudis have hidden somewhere and don’t allow anyone to see. If you don’t know Arabic you can’t understand the Quran, all the two dozen translations of the Quran are corrupt. Arabic cannot be translated into any other language. All ahadith are false, all the history of Muhammad depicting him as a tyrant monster are forged by Jews. Islam is much like hippies during the sixties. It is all about love and peace and flowers.”

I am sick of it. And they have the chutzpa to come to me to tell me these lies as if I am a gullible westerner who does not know anything about Islam. Damn it! I am the descendant of that mad man of Mecca who started all this insanity. My ancestors were Sheikhs and Mullahs as long as we have the record of them. They were themselves deceived and deceived others with their ignorance. Don’t come to me with these foolish tales. Go and tell your lies to gullible Westerners. I don’t need you to explain Islam to me. I used to say these lies myself. Keep your game playing and taqiyyah for someone who does not know Islam.

So what shall we do? Logic has no effect on Muslims. Doing nothing means destruction of mankind. It seems we are in an impasse.

Humiliate them. This is my response. Lower yourself to the level of your opponent and speak to him in a language that he understands. He is full of bravado and vain glory. Mock him. Make him look stupid. Deride at him. Disgrace him. Destroy his pride. Make him look like the scum of the Earth. Make him the butt of the jokes. Laugh at him and at his stupidity. This is good for him. This is his remedy. The idea is to jolt him to reality. This is bitter medicine, but it wont’ kill him. If you don’t, you will have to kill him later.

When a young woman wears hijab, or niqab, she is applauded by her peers. “Mashallah, you are so great! Everyone must look at you and follow your example. Well done sister.” She is pampered, her ego is inflated, and she feels rewarded. The stupidity of the act eludes her completely. She is willing to suffer in the scorching heat of summer to prove to her peers that she is a great Muslima and receive their admiration. She walks in the streets and people pay attention to her because she looks odd. All this attention excites her. She is making a statement, I am different. That is all there is to it. She wants to be different, to stand out. It is the same as during the sixties when stupid kids used to put flowers in their hairs, smoked hashish, made love and sang Kumbaya to defy the “establishment”. The hippy revolution of the sixties was relatively harmless. The philosophy was about peace and free sex. This Islamic revolution is more akin to fascism. It is extremely dangerous. It seems history has a way of repeating itself. Every generation goes through it in one form or another. In the early years of the last Century it was communism that captured the attention of the youth; in the thirties it was fascism; in the sixties it was hippy movement; and now it is Islam.

Humiliation is a very effective method to counter this insanity. These brainless people are craving for their narcissistic supply, which they get from each other in the highly cultic atmosphere of Islam. We must cut off that supply. They must see that there is a price to pay for following the path of stupidity. The biggest mistake is toleration. We must not tolerate evil.

To convince themselves to wear the degrading hijab, Muslims have associated the concept of “modesty” to it. Hijab has nothing to do with modesty. It is a statement of defiance of the western values, of democracy and it is the sign of arrogance. We have to counter this image. Muslim women wearing hijab are given a false sense of superiority. They are made to believe that other women are sluts and sex objects and only they are modest and hence superior. This, like anything else in Islam, is a false belief. If unchallenged this lie is eventually believed. Any lie if repeated enough and is not challenged will be eventually believed. We must challenge it. We must demonstrate, first rationally, that women wearing hijab are actually regarding themselves as sex objects and not those who don’t wear it and then humiliate them. The rationality of this argument will have little effect on a people who deride reason but humiliation will.

In essence what I am proposing is to fight stupidity with humiliation. We have to replace this image of hijab as the symbol of modesty to a symbol of shame and sexuality.

Muhammad said women are 'awrat. 'Awrat means pudendum, the external genitalia especially of a woman. People cover their genitals, but not the rest of their body. Muslim women who cover all their body are making the statement that they are vagina from head to toe. It is too embarrassing to let men see our hair that is a reminiscence of our pubic hair. We must replace that mental image of a woman in hijab as a “modest woman”, by a huge walking and talking vagina. Women wearing hijab must be humiliated, scorned, laughed at.

Women for Muhammad were nothing but sex objects. Their function is twofold - give men orgasm and give him children. Beyond that women have no use except as maids. The following hadith make this clear.

"My father died and left behind seven or nine daughters, and I married a woman. The Prophet said, "Did you get married, O Jabir?" I replied, "Yes." He asked, "Is she a virgin or a matron?" I replied, "She is a matron." He said, "Why didn't you marry a virgin girl so that you might play with her and she with you " Bukhari 8.075.396

Now this is the status of woman in Islam. Her worth is in her vagina. If she does not have hymen, she is worth less. If she can't have children, she is not worth marrying. How can we respect Muslim women who worship a man who thought they are sex objects, deficient in intelligence and hell bound? How can a Muslim woman be respected when she has no respect for herself? "Stupid" is a compliment. This is beyond stupidity.

When you are dealing with arrogant people who deride at logics, you must descend to their level and knock their arrogance. When you talk to a university professor, you use a different language than when you talk to a two year old child. It is not degrading to talk to a child in a childish language. In fact it is foolish to use an academic language when you speak to a toddler. Muslims’ rational faculty is underdeveloped. In this sense they have the maturity of children. They are very much retarded. They do not understand rationality. It just makes no sense to them. Golden Rule is alien concept to them. When we deal with Muslims we must adopt a language that Muslims understand. Since rationally, they are at the level of children, and ethically at the level of beasts, we must humiliate them like we would humiliate misbehaved children. Muslims are fool, stupid, and zombies. We have to counter their bravado with ignominy.

This remedy may not feel right with the politically correct folk who don’t want to hurt people’s feelings and want to be always Mr. or Mrs. Nice. They are however, in a grave error. These lily livered “nice” folks must remind themselves that if we do not save Muslims from Islam, we will have to kill them one day. That would be after they kill hundreds of millions of us. If anyone thinks this is not going to happen he is just blind. When Oriana Fallaci cries “Troy will burn, Troy will burn”, listen to that modern day Cassandra. She is talking about Europe, but all the world is in danger. Fallaci is telling the truth. Armageddon is just around the corner. Don’t be a fool. Do not let your childish emotions blind you. Think rationally. Muslims are bent to take over the world. This is the plan set in motion by their psychopath megalomaniac prophet. These brainless zombies are incapable of rational thought. Like robots, they do what they are programmed for and that is to lie, to play the role of the victim, to deceive and to claim the world for the Satan Allah with violence and terror. Reason does not work with them. In this site alone there are more words of reason to fill a bookshelf. Reason has no effect on Muslims. Fear of Hell has paralyzed their brain. They are genuinely unable to think like normal rational humans. It is foolish to expect them do things that they are incapable of doing. It is like expecting hippopotamus to fly. Two options are left to us. Wait, until they nuke millions of us and them nuke them and slay them to extinction, or save them through humiliation.

I have been shouting for nearly seven years using all sorts of logics. I have posted countless arguments by other ex-Muslims who have tried in every conceivable way to show these sub-human Muslims that Mahund was not a prophet but a pervert liar. No Muslim has been able to defeat our logic. Despite that, Muslims are undeterred. We heard all sorts of excuses from them except acknowledging the fact that Muhammad was a charlatan and leave Islam. They propose reforming Islam, modernizing it, educating Muslims and all kinds of baloney, but our words fall on deaf ears. They are simply unable to cut their umbilical cord from that monster criminal and leave his sick cult. They see the evil in the Quran, they see whatever Muhammad did was despicable; but they can’t let go. Their brain is frozen. That psychopath has kidnapped their soul and their intelligence. They are just brain dead. Zombies – that is what Muslims are. Every one of them is a zombie. How can any decent person respect, let alone hold a monster like Mahund as a prophet? Don't say you are good. You are not good. You are a follower of a monster. How can you be good? If you don't know the truth, pull you head out of your sand hole and see it. Read the evidence that we have presented in this site. If you think you can prove us wrong, do it. But don't pretend you don't understand. Have some courage. Respect your self and use your brain. You worship a criminal who was worse than Charles Manson, Hitler or any psychopath you know. Isn't this disgusting? Aren't you ashamed of yourself? How much stupidity is enough?

Why in the hell you want to reform the cult of a psychopath? Why in the hell you want to keep the memory of that evil criminal alive? Where is your rationality? Where is your brain damn it?

They don’t hear me. They just can’t hear me. It is because I am shouting to dead people.

After Muhammad slew his captured opponents in the Battle of Badr, he threw their corpses, in a well and then stood at the opening of the well looked into it and bragged about his victory. Omar told him, "Are you talking to the dead? They can’t hear you". “Allah brought then back to life so they can hear me” Responded that insane man. At times I feel, like him, I have gone insane too and I am just talking to the dead who can’t hear me.

So what shall we do now? Wait until you commit the ultimate act of insanity and after hundreds of millions of us are dead, kill all of you like insects and cleanse the world from your stupidity? Is this good? Is this what you want? Isn't it better to rescue you with any means possible, and bring you back to the fold of humanity before you commit your insanity? I honestly think saving you idiots is much better than the first alternative.

How shall we save you? Logic has no effect on you. You deride rationality and pride in your stupidity. You are fideists not rationalists. You deny, you lie and lie even to yourselves. Your brain is paralyzed with the fear of Hell that that psychopath has instilled in you. We can’t get to you through reason. If we leave you to your devices, we will have to kill all of you eventually after suffering huge losses ourselves. What else is left but to humiliate you? This is my ultimate weapon.

I want to wage this war, now on a psychological level. I want to combat stupidity with humiliation, bravado with shame and ignominy. I want to lower myself to your level, descend to the gutter where you reside and talk to you in a language that you understand. I want to humiliate you, to make you see that being a Muslim is not “cool” but darn stupid. I want the whole world spit at your cult and flush down the toilet your holy book of terror. I want you feel the dishonor and disgrace of being a Muslim. You are zombies filled with hate and programmed to destroy mankind. We love you as human being but we can no longer tolerate your stupidity. Like any responsible parent with an obnoxious unruly child, we must be firm with you. Shape up or ship out. You can no longer throw your tantrums and get away with it. Leave this madness and addiction and come back home. Our arms are open to embrace you once you get rid of your insanity. It is all for your own good.

It is time that we give you a taste of your own medicine. You must be treated like a dhimmi. You must be humiliated and subdued, exactly the way your Quran says non-Muslims should be treated. I know Muslims do not understand the Golden Rule, but they understand tit for tat even animals understand that. We must speak to you in the language that you understand. As the followers of a psychopath narcissist, all of you have entered into his bubble universe and all of you suffer from narcissistic personality disorder. As such the only way you can communicate with others is by lying, deceiving or by being bully. Bullies respond to fear. So we must instill fear in your hearts just as Muhammad said in the Quran 8:12 and 3:151.

What distinguishes humans from animals is our rational faculty. Since as Muslims you deride rationality, you are just like animals.

Pray to your damn Allah that I win this war and you lose. Because if I win; you will live, we all will live and we will all join hands and become brothers and sisters. Yes we can make this world a paradise. If you win, we will all die and you will go to Hell for worshipping Satan, for being stupid like mule and for blowing up this beautiful world of God for a lie.


Blogger JKZok said...

The only way to break the emotional hold is to show there is no difference between believers and non-believers, the faith adds nothing to life, other than disrespect and hatred.
By repeated open declaration of the reality of Mohammeds life, the failure of the precepts of the faith, following the faith becomes futile.
All these groups survive because the majority of society does not know how bad Mohammed was and what his real life motivation was like. Everyone who I have shared with what Mohammed did and what muslims actually believe has been shocked. It is so different and fundementally gross, no one from the west would accept this behaviour for a second. The assumption therefore is Mohammed must have been ok because so many follow him. This is the big lie, the big secret. This is why censorship against Mohammed and the Koran is so strong because there case is so weak.
To use the tactics of the enemy of love will be to become like him.
People derive truth from their social group and approval. Once this falls away, then the whole framework is seen for what it really is.

1:30 AM  

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