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Thursday, August 24, 2006

More Snakes for Israel

Another Israeli-Arab Caught Spying For Hizbullah 16:50 Aug 24, '06 / 30 Av 5766by Ezra HaLevi Another Israeli-Arab was arrested for spying on Israel for Hizbullah, having passed information to the terrorist group just before the war broke out. A top Hamas commander was arrested in Gaza. The Israeli citizen, Mahmoud Shaaban Mahmad Hattib, is a resident of the village of Rajar, on the Israel-Lebanon border. He was arrested on July 31st in a joint police and Shabak (General Security Service) operation. The media blackout on the arrest was lifted Wednesday.Hattib admitted that for two months leading up to the war, he had been passing information regarding IDF deployment and operations in the region to his Hizbullah handler, Abu Mahmad, and to a journalist for Hizbullah’s Al-Manar satellite station, Ali Shaayib. Prior to the indictment issued Wednesday at the Nazareth Court, Hattib admitted to having had extensive telephone contact with Shaayib. He was also supposed to hand over a map, presumably with notations marking IDF positions, to Abu Mahmad.The Shabak says that contact with Al-Manar journalists is a common way by which Hizbullah handlers are put in touch with Israeli-Arabs sympathetic to their cause.Earlier this month, an Israeli Bedouin Arab, 30-year-old Riad Mazariv from Beti Zarzir, was also indicted for spying on behalf of Hizbullah. Mazariv had asked a Bedouin tracker serving in the IDF to help him smuggle drugs. When the tracker contacted the Lebanese dealer, he was told that Hizbullah would only supply the drugs in return for intelligence information.Mazariv agreed and proceeded to report the locations of Katyusha missile impacts. He described in detail IDF troop movements to Hizbullah and passed on intelligence information from Bedouin friends serving in the IDF as well. Read the rest here


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