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Thursday, August 24, 2006

Snakes in the Grass

Only 1/4 of Israeli-Arabs Supported Israel in War, as Predicted 16:20 Aug 24, '06 / 30 Av 5766by Hillel Fendel Though some media headlines blared "Only 18% Supported Hizbullah," poll numbers show that 73% of the Israeli-Arab public refused to say they supported Israel in its war against Hizbullah. The complete results of the poll taken by pollster Mina Tzemach's Dachaf Institute will be released tonight, on Knesset Television Channel 99. The numbers that have been publicized thus far have been interpreted in various ways. Eighteen percent of the Israeli-Arab respondents said they favored Hizbullah in the recent war, while 27% said they favored Israel; another 36% of the Arab citizens said they didn't favor either side. The remaining 19% were not accounted for.At the same time, the Israeli public was also polled as to how they felt the Arabs sided. 55% said that most or all of the Arab public supported Hizbullah. The other 45% of the Jewish public was divided roughly in half: Half thought that half the Arabs supported Hizbullah, while the other half felt that less than half supported Hizbullah Read the rest here


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