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Sunday, September 10, 2006

Syria Denies Acceptance of European Border Guards Monitor

Syria Denies Acceptance of European Border Guards Monitor
Sunday, September 10, 2006 - 04:25 PM
CAIRO,  (SANA - Syrian News Agency)  Syria has denied acceptance of European
borders guards to supervise the Syrian-Lebanese borders.
 " The reports by some mass media that Syria has accepted that European
border guards monitor the Lebanese-Syrian borders are not true," Information
Minister Mohsen Bilal said Sunday.
" The phone call was made yesterday between President Bashar al-Assad and
Italian Prime Minister Romano Prodi didn't discuss this troops or guards
topic, but the talks were on technical assistance that is expected to be
offered to the Syrian border guards," Bilal added in statement to the
Egyptian T.V.
" The UN 1701 resolution pertaining to halting the military acts between
Israel and Lebanon, didn't stipulate for deploying international troops on
the Syria-Lebanese borders," He clarified, pointing out that Israel is the
aggressor and that the Syrians and Lebanese are one family in two sovereign
He noted that the resolution clearly included the deployment of UNIFIL in
south Lebanon, emphasizing that no one can impose on Syria to accept
deployment of foreign forces on her borders with Lebanon,"
" Keeping security on the borders with Lebanon is a Syrian affair that
Syrian borders guards are responsible for," Bilal said, concluding by saying
that the " Lebanese army is responsible for  keeping security on the borders
with Syria.


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